Got the call back that my estrogen was a bit high today so they are dialing me back. Puppies and children seemed especially cute to me today :-)

The injections are making me a tad nauseous but just at the time of dosage. I ate three full meals today despite not really being that hungry all day, and 4 girl scout cookies. Too much really. Bleh. No more exercise starting today. Starting to feel tender in the abdomen.

Had fun with roommate A tonight doing makeovers at . We were up past midnight messing around on that site. So much fun living with a fellow narcissistic Leo! I am really getting into this hair and makeup thing. What a difference it can make.

Poor athlete got in another car wreck today. Very shaken up. Reminds me of myself and my 3 college car accidents. I would like to encourage her to take a defensive driving class (even though she was not the driver in this past accident). I did not have any accidents after I took that Smith’s defensive driver training and I felt much more empowered to control my own safety on the road.

Tomorrow night is the hearing about rave parties in San Francisco at City Hall. I probably will share my NYE story in hopes that similar parties won’t be shut down in the future. Such a shame.