Oh, the Estrogen

So, slightly nauseated all day today, and apparently I’m eating for 30. “Jeez Louise!” exclaimed my very young and casual doctor at the ultrasound today, upon examining the follicle sizes. I even got a slightly creepy “That’s a juicy one!” outta him today. Ewww, gross, haha. He better be an extremely gifted surgeon. Surgery is Sunday morning!

Panera Cafe is my new fav “fast food” restaurant. They gave me a choice of chips, bread, or an organic apple for lunch. Organic! TYJ. I had 2 sandwiches for lunch. Very hungry. I am probably craving salt because I woke up with visions of pickles and ice cream. I did have a pickle today and it was oh-so-delicious.

I have new symptoms today: I keep getting lost VERY easily and forgetting things. I am blaming this entirely on crazy estrogen levels. I also am quite amorous and have been fantasizing about 75 percent of my day away. Come to think of it, this may help explain my getting lost and forgetting things. It’s like I am so incredibly fertile today that my body can’t help but think about ways to take advantage of the situation.

I realize probably less than 1 percent of the population could relate to what I’m going through today. I have yet to meet another egg donor actually. Then again, it’s not something people casually bring up in normal conversation. I’m kinda glad this is the last one. My body has been through a lot and I’m ready to move on to new adventures ;-)


Yowza! Feeling a little nauseated this morning and moving much more slowly. The doctor made a funny comment yesterday about how they expect to retrieve about 20 eggs, which is way more than they need. He also said my cycle goes extra fast–most women take 12 days to develop the follicles and once I start taking follicle stimulating hormones it only takes 8-9 days for them to be ready. They’ve cut my medication 3 times already this cycle. I noted to them that I might not need as much meds due to the fact that I am 10lbs lighter than I have been doing previous cycles. Fertile Myrtle!

I do feel softer in the heart region. My face looks rounder. I have been eating more since being on the meds, and my sleep cycles are off due to naps I’ve been taking in the early evenings to ward off the cold that’s been going around town. So far, so good!

It’s pouring down rain today. I have been feeling more emotional about things in general. A soft rain starting falling during practice and I thought it was just lovely and soft the way it was hitting the skin. Later, a thunderstorm and accompanying downpour made me smile and raise my eyebrows in excitement. I could feel the energy of the storm absorbing into me. The people around me didn’t seem to be reacting the same way! Songs are sounding new and I want to write more poetry…

Off for another ultrasound and blood draw this morning…


Got the call back that my estrogen was a bit high today so they are dialing me back. Puppies and children seemed especially cute to me today :-)

The injections are making me a tad nauseous but just at the time of dosage. I ate three full meals today despite not really being that hungry all day, and 4 girl scout cookies. Too much really. Bleh. No more exercise starting today. Starting to feel tender in the abdomen.

Had fun with roommate A tonight doing makeovers at dailymakeover.com . We were up past midnight messing around on that site. So much fun living with a fellow narcissistic Leo! I am really getting into this hair and makeup thing. What a difference it can make.

Poor athlete got in another car wreck today. Very shaken up. Reminds me of myself and my 3 college car accidents. I would like to encourage her to take a defensive driving class (even though she was not the driver in this past accident). I did not have any accidents after I took that Smith’s defensive driver training and I felt much more empowered to control my own safety on the road.

Tomorrow night is the hearing about rave parties in San Francisco at City Hall. I probably will share my NYE story in hopes that similar parties won’t be shut down in the future. Such a shame. www.savetherave.org