New Experiment: Teeth Whitening

So, I’m really enjoying my latest experiment. I can’t remember which celebrity in which gossip magazine suggested this, but she’s a winner. Basically, the idea is to keep your teeth white/stain-free by brushing them with a dry toothbrush 3-5 times/day. I’ve always yellower-than-average teeth and have resisted any type of whitening to this point, so figure this is worth a go first.

I had to figure out a practical way to work this into my life, seeing as I’ve only always brushed my teeth exactly once per day, in the evening before bed (I hate the taste of toothpaste right after a nice meal). SO, I decided to lump it with using the restroom. Ideally, I should be using the restroom about 5 times a day so this seems like perfect timing. Plus, a sink nearby with water. Yep.

I’ve been doing this 3 days now and already I think that my teeth are getting whiter. And they feel much more “clean”. Kind of smooth-feeling.

My first day I did cut up my gums quite a bit. Had to get used to the dry brush bristles. But big deal, wounds in the mouth heal 7 times faster anyway. They were perfectly fine the next day.

Side benefits: It’s making me more aware of how many times a day I’m using the restroom. I actually look forward to brushing my teeth often.

Took a picture today on day 3 and will take another picture at day 30 to see how good the improvement is. I feel like they are already 30% whiter than before I started doing this, especially the front teeth!


Side notes: I realized recently how disciplined I was as a child. I never missed a day of brushing my teeth, that I can recall, until I was in my late twenties. I also started this thing when I was probably 8 years old where I would time myself to see how long I would brush my teeth. I had heard that the average person brushes less that 30 seconds and my super-competitive nature felt challenged to brush for at least 2 minutes, so that I could be “above average” at that too :-) That habit has persisted to this day.