More Thoughts on God

I can see the temptation
To write a spiritual story
About how we went through many lives
To finally end up
So are we building another tower of Babel?

Will our technology connect our minds
And in doing so,
Drop the walls between our perspectives
Our incarnations
And reveal the Wizard behind the curtain?

Is that why we love science so much?
Giving us glimpses into the “other”
Seeing life from their perspective
Knowing the infinite integral of us is God

That sense of unity one feels
During trips or meditation
All the endings looped to beginnings
No sense of up or down
Back or forward
Wrong or right

Just a salty wave-crash sommersault
Until we popped up and took a breath

All I know is I keep opening my eyes
And there’s a comforting continuity
That surely exists outside my psyche
How could I create what I haven’t imagined?
And yet when I see it it’s all so perfect
It’s all how I would have planned it
I can keep choosing to follow my story
It’s pretty clear where this one’s going
Though the twists and turns are delightful
And the details rich and vivid