More testosterone, fewer lies

A really interesting study came out this week showing men given shots of testosterone told fewer lies.

Other interesting points included: average person tells 1-2 lies/day, half of all lies come from 5% of people (low-testosterone people?)

This makes evolutionary sense if you consider that testosterone likely allowed men to band together, communicate, and cooperate in order to compete against their fiercest rival historically: the lion.

This also has really interesting implications. If you consider that lying peaks in children around the age of 7, it is before kids receive their last big testosterone surge during adolesence.

Then can you really punish someone for lying in court? They could argue they are low testosterone (and can prove it!).

I still believe that punishment will become a thing of the past. The more you understand about a person’s motives, chemical or otherwise, the less likely you are to treat them harshly.

It also makes me think about obesity, which causes the body to give off more estrogen than testosterone. I then thought of my mother, and how overweight she might have been when carrying us kids, and what effect that would have had on our testosterone or androgen, and might explain some differences in siblings, their body type differences, success, etc. Or not! :)