Love Lost

I wore my white dress
You took me out
For the first time
In three years
Without me paying
Like our first date
All over again

I eyed you shyly
Not sure I felt it
Searched your face for my spark
Found it in your green eyes

The air was pregnant
Like it was the first time
You asked what I was thinking
Again I denied you
Too many questions
Too many hard problems
With no solutions
I tried to look happy
Inside I stirred

You took me bowling
Me in my white dress
On your motorcycle
We took turns shyly
It was our first time
You took pictures
We each had a win

We shared a passion
Like a radio station
We both tuned into
That felt like love
Felt like forever
Whatever our differences
It erased them each time

You took me home
Me in my white dress
Gave me a gift
Laid me on my bed
That night we were energy
Achieved a oneness
Beyond our dreams
We touched heaven together
Luckier than most

And in its twilight
Returned the sadness
The memory of difficulty
The pregnant silence
Unanswered questions
No solutions

And the distance between
The high of that peak
And the low of our valleys
Was too great a distance
For my heart to cross
Our love was lost