Parts of the country are getting really cold. Reminds me of my youth, growing up in North Dakota. They say the jetstream patterns are changing–getting longer so storm fronts are more spread out. I finally realize my own tendencies to be apocalyptic, and I try to avoid that type of thinking now. But things are probably going to keep getting really weird with the state of the climate change we see happening: fast warming arctic and high CO2 concentrations.

I’m thinking of starting a blog for the book I started writing a year ago. It’s going to take me too long to synthesize and prove my ideas out so I think I’ll just throw them out there. Have other people help me. “You can accomplish a lot if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

And I’m really glad to be back with my booty calls again ;-). A good analogy might be this: you wait for the perfect job, declining all of the jobs that come along, until you just run out of money. Oops, still have to pay rent. Maybe it’s just not time for that perfect job or you’re not ready or you need more skills. That’s what “waiting” for Mr. Right feels like. Forget that. He can come find me while I go back to enjoying my random life and polishing my skills ;-)