Living with a Bias

Living with a bias
Study your brain
Know that whatever you think
Comes from a fire internal
Constantly burning
Citius, Altius, Fortius
Through the ages
Faster, Higher, Stronger

Is the mother of intelligence
But survival goes to the fittest
Not the smartest
Not the wisest
And many will cry, “No more pollution!”
And many will cry, “No more poison!”
But the engines will turn
Faster, Higher, Stronger

Even when there are no more mountains
No more enemies
Nothing left to destroy

The sensitive will say “no”!
And die of the poisons.
The rich get so high
The world becomes Disneyland
New dreams to ignite
And we throw our money into a web
Which takes us down a million tunnels
Full of funhouse mirrors
And new worlds to create

Because like a lover
We miss our better halves
But we came here alone and we’ll leave here alone
And we’ll remember ourselves with fondness

Gods or saints or benevolent rulers
We practice again and again
And the winners write the history books
So the arc of the moral universe
Is a painting in progress
And surely it will bend toward justice
Or whatever we are in the mood for