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So I’m lying here in bed thinking about why I’m going back to school. Wondering what I’ll do with my expensive, new knowledge…so I decided to try to put into words what I hope to accomplish in life.

My goal is to find a job where I can do something noble and honorable with my time and talents.

I want to use my unique skills to improve situations that others complain about. I suppose this is why engineering made sense to me. But I found that solving oil-field facility-related problems wasn’t motivating enough for me. I am drawn to wanting to improve the situations of PEOPLE (which was actually a small part of improving oil-field facilities…making the operators happy is what made me happy).

But am I best equipped to improve people’s lives one-on-one, say with massage, psychology, or social work, or am I better equipped to do this on a large scale – say with politics, diplomacy, or writing?

What are my talents? What are my skills?

  1. Relating to People Different from Me: I learned by traveling to Pakistan and by befriending foreign exchange students in high school and college that I have a high capacity to relate to people across cultural boundaries. I am genuinely interested in people.
  2. Interest in Learning
  3. Drive to Solve Problems
  4. Able to Bring people together to find Solutions
  5. Drive to Teach & Share Knowledge
  6. Writing – This skill has gone downhill since college, but I think I still have the knack for organizing words somewhere in my brain

Through all of this analysis, I hope to come closer to realizing what it is I’m fit to do. And it may be that I never achieve more than being an example to a few others of a decent human being trying to live an honorable, noble, yet, normal, householder life. And that would be fine with me. But I feel burdened that I may actually have skills and talents to improve millions of lives, and I’m not using them, and that makes me sad and anxious. It seems self-important and naive just to see that written on the screen, but I actually feel that way in my 27-year-old brain.

So I’ll go back to school, hoping to take some small step on the path of self-realization and service to others, and continue trying to reach out the only way I currently know how: on a one-by-one basis.

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16 years ago

Good luck with the schooling. If your writing skills have declined since college, then you must have been amazing at MSU. I always enjoy your blogs. How are your family and friends doing in Frenchtown after the Black Cat Fire? Once again, good luck with your schooling.

16 years ago

Hehe, thanks Jon, glad you are enjoying the posts! All my family from Frenchtown is gone, but mom tells me (because she keeps up on such things) that the homes were spared and the fire department did a great job with blanketing each one with that fabric they use.
You must be getting homesick now that fire season is peaking!