Let me tell you the story of two cats–one named Beautiful, one named Ugly. Neither one have English names, though, they go by Belle and Fea. Fea is my cat:
Miss Fea

Belle is the senior cat at the house, with about 13 years and no teeth left. She drools when you pet her, and she wants to be petted constantly.


Anyhow, there is a lesson in the way Belle chose to interact with my cat Fea. We took over Belle’s room when we moved into this house. So after we had fully moved in, Belle would come in the room too, like it was nobody’s business, and just hop up on the bed, even with Fea 1-foot’s distance away. Now, Fea does not play well with other cats. She is young and testy and dominant, and hisses when other animals come near her. So it was quite a sight to watch Belle jump up into Fea’s space and watch her totally ignore Fea’s hissing and baring of teeth and claws. Belle reacted to Fea as if she didn’t hear a thing. It was like there wasn’t another cat in the room, and eventually, Fea just gave up. It was like watching a mother ignore a child that is acting up just to get their way. So now these two cats live happily in harmony because of Belle’s reaction to Fea. Pretty cool.