Life Lessons

Lessons becoming very clear today:

1. Never be too proud to work a job “beneath” your level of education. Supervisor at valet job commented he was doing payroll this week, I thanked him in advance, and he said, “Thank YOU, for working. Because you are willing to work, I get paid to supervise and do payroll.”

I thought that was pretty cool.

2. We intuitively know what others need, we have to create the peaceful, quiet, receptive environment in which desires can surface and be met with completion. This is a natural process which takes time, time that is normally rushed in a work week full of tasks and activities. There is a certain pace which is more conducive to individuals coming together to get their needs met. This rhythm is most easily found when immersing oneself in nature, i.e., tuning out of routine noises and tasks and tuning into the rhythms of the breezes, birds chirping, water falling, etc.

3. You can choose the interpretation of your experience of life as either a victim of your environment, or a master of your environment. The truth is somewhere along the spectrum. But if you act as though you are the master of your environment, you make it more so. This is because you take responsibility for any outcomes you see around you and work to change everything within your power to suit your vision of happiness. Conversely, one who blames and criticizes his/her environment gives power to the environment and makes the victim more impotent.

Live powerfully!