So I'm really enjoying learning Chinese! It's been an average of about 1 hour every other day so far this week. I'm even recognizing/reading some characters now which is quite thrilling!

With my post-New-Years illness comes less motivation to do my yoga and crossfit. However I found running/walking with the dog today to be beneficial to clearing up my sinuses a bit. Glad I did it.

My circles keep expanding and intersecting. Tonight at our party met another Stanford hammer thrower who knows the hammer thrower I've been training with! And got an invite to check out the local rowing club which seems like a cool opportunity to build some rhomboids for a couple days…

Got a great insight tonight about my last relationship and business being symptomatic of me not fully stepping out into the world. Sad and ironic considering I've been quite independent and brave leaving very small towns for larger and larger ponds, but I guess it makes sense that I used my bf as an anchor of sorts, and my business as a shield of sorts. With all that gone it will be up to me to find my inner sense of grounding while allowing myself to fully step into myself and my city.

To a new year and a newer, improved me!