Jobs in America

Per my need to make $24,000 more a year, I am researching what is "needed" in America!

Here is the complete list of the best jobs in America in 2011: (1) Software Engineer: $87,140 (2) Mathematician: $94,178 (3) Actuary: $87,204 (4) Statistician: $73,208 (5) Computer System Analyst: $77,153 (6) Meteorologist: $85,210 (7) Biologist: $74,278 (8) Historian: $63,208 (9) Audiologist: $63,144 (10) Dental Hygenist: $67,107

I like this list better:

Healthcare, IT, business and finance, education, media/communication (esp. online content)

Of course petroleum engineers and geologists still make a shitload of money, if you like working in the "fossil fuel" industry.

Included in this top ten list is fitness trainers–now that is more up my alley!:

I have zero interest in flossing someone else's teeth.

I have almost zero interest in learning computer languages and networks.

I do love to write. I ought to try doing more with online content perhaps. It would be fun to do a weekly address, like a church sermon almost, and have people be able to comment about it and start discussions. We need a forum in which "young" people can come together to discuss current events and politics. I'll give this some more thought…