It Must Be The End (112/365)

I can see the edges
Of our little blue globe
Such a nice spot to wander
Around and around
An engineer of my own life
I tweak and make it flow
Work out the kinks
Redesign and take notes
Curious as a cat
Showing others the way
I’ve been there before
I was sober and patient
I want others to have
The peace that I’ve found
The health that I’ve tapped
The joy that abounds

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14 years ago

I had this ongoing joke with my friend Jen that happy endings were completely arbitrary. I surmised that if you were not happy, it was not yet the end. I feel like I'm at a very satisfied point in my life in writing this poem, even though I look around and many people I know are suffering. I want to lay my template over their lives sometimes, but don't really know how to do it. So I am just enjoying my happiness.