The Guilt of Stillness (111/365)

With a mind made for motion
And a body built for pride
I’m saddled with guilt
When I sit down for a while
I get so wound up
I have to unwind
A cup of green tea
My cat by my side
Standing on the back porch
Gazing across my slum
Breathing the cool damp air
The ancients weren’t dumb
You can’t live your life
On auto-pilot
Has to check the fuel levels
Polish her up
Do the maintenance
Make her purr again
That someone is you

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14 years ago

I had the entire weekend off from work, only 1 yoga class to teach Sunday morning. I was still slightly tired from the week, so decided not to start any new projects or tie up any loose ends, and just relax and do fun things (like organize a little seating area on my roommate's back porch and hang white lights). It was so wonderful to just sit and drink tea and eat my fresh banana bread. I felt a little like an old woman must feel sitting on a front porch watching the kids play or traffic go by. My heart rate slowed, and I actually felt all the muscles in my body relax as I just gazed around the houses on our block and drank my tea.