Insurance, Crime Prevention and Healthy Living

Car insurance is needed because cars often cause expensive property damage, and sometimes expensive bodily damage. If you don’t want to pay for car insurance, you can take a risk that you won’t get in an accident, or you can sell your car. You can pay a fine if you get caught without car insurance.

Health insurance protects us from getting sick. This is more complicated. A person may be born sick, or have greater risk of getting sick due to genetics, age, exposure to pathogens or carcinogens, income level influencing food choice and sanitation, or simply from making poor choices or forming terrible habits or addictions.

There is life insurance, home owner’s insurance, gap insurance, even wage insurance and debt insurance.

How about crime insurance? Some people are more prone to commit crimes than others. From parking tickets to homocide, wouldn’t this be an interesting idea? Perhaps we would care more about prevention and healthy living if we all paid into a crime insurance pool.

Like George Carlin said, "These are the thoughts that kept me out of the really good schools."