Here and Now (54/365)

Connect and share
We find our freedom
When we forget ourselves
In the music of the day
And just jam with life

The love is in the trust
The American dream
Was Life, Liberty, and Happiness
Not lending a dime
And hoping for a dollar

Money won’t buy life
Liberty, or happiness
You can’t buy what
You already own
Shed that old fur coat

The treasure awaits, buried
Under the weight of your
Parent’s misguided dreams
Society’s heavy lusts
Fame’s cheap burden
Man’s ticking time bomb

If you throw off these weights
Even for a moment
You just might experience
The thrill of existence
The intoxicating joy of
Having all you need

Right now

Just a whiff
And you are hooked
Nothing looks the same
In the afterglow
The trip is easier
When the pack is light