Today I finished day 5 of a limeade fast. I drank only lemonade or limeade made from fresh-squeezed fruits with grade B maple syrup and filtered water all week.

Day 1 I was sipping consistently to keep satiated and hydrated, and I easily went through 16+ cups. The past few days I over-concentrated the drink, which was delicious, but meant I was taking fewer drinks–about half as much. It also started burning out my vocal chords from the acidity. My voice was really high-pitched that day, and crackly the next day.

I dialed it in by going back to 2 limes or lemons, which is about 1/4 C of liquid, to 1/4 C syrup, then 8 C water.

Anyway, I was a bit delirious by the end of the second day. I also worked nonstop about 9.5 hours that day so it didn’t help matters. However, today I feel oddly fine, like this is just my new lifestyle. All food smells really really good. One issue I had was I came home for a nap after work, and I was pretty disoriented when R came home. I sat up, but was confused when he tried to kiss me as it felt too ticklish on my lips.

Side note: I’ve also been resolving not to pick at my skin or hair this week.

I was using a straw at first so as not to over-acidize my teeth, but it wasn’t really working, so I resorted to buying and chewing gum to help balance my oral chemistry. Interestingly, when you go a while without eating, the jaw gets weaker, so this may counteract that.

But, so far this cleanse (not a fan of that word) has had zero impact on these mysterious skin bumps/bites I’ve been getting, so it may be time to break the fast, since hat was my entire objective. I do feel I could go another five days, but I’m not sure of the advantages at this point. I’ve gotten back a little self-control, at the expense of dropping a little brain function (according to R).