F— the world, Lil’ Wayne, and 5-Hour Energy

It took a dose of 5-Hour Energy drink (caffeinated, couldn’t find decaf in 4 stores on entire campus) for me to understand what Lil’ Wayne was talking about: “Fuck the world, and get a child out her.”

Well, I’m sure he meant something a little different, but it started to make sense to me like this: There’s a human tendency to take the path of least resistance, go with the flow, don’t rock the boat, keep on keeping on, etc., that is obviously prevalent in every day life (and ripe with cliches). We see this in government, we see this in some of our parents, we see this in the older generation doing things the way they’ve always been done, resisting change, resisting improvement.

Fucking requires a level of energy beyond that.

School is a place of hope. Universities are a place of “I want to move to another level.” Education necessarily requires us to put energy in in order to get something out. Not unlike the passionate act of, shall we say, making love, and creating a child.

But how many people do you see “fucking the world”? Seems like most are still trying to survive it, like it’s some kind of abusive relationship or something.

To get something that no one else around you has, you have to be willing to do something that no one else around you will do.

If you just pictured smuggling 50 kilos of cocaine across the border in a private plane, try again ;-)

Try something passionate, full of love, something scary, something no one else around you dares to do, that will push you to the next level. Then get ready for the next level of awesome.

Thanks Lil’ Wayne…and 5-Hour Energy