I’m feeling a little mad lately. I think I’m one of those people that needs a goal to work toward, and I just can’t settle on one yet. I feel like I could do something really great or important, if I only put my mind to it, but the situation I’m in is not conducive for goal-setting. My boyfriend has asked me to consider moving with him if/when he gets a job offer he likes. He expects this to happen by the end of summer. I am actually open to and excited by the prospect of moving forward with him, but in the meantime, it leaves me in a bad position. I don’t know what goals to pursue with my business if I might be leaving in 2 months. And I’m trying to be practical at the same time, with the advice nagging me from the back of my brain, saying you should never depend on someone else for your livelihood, because you never know when that relationship might end for whatever reason. I’m also in the process of moving out of my first apartment, which in and of itself is unsettling. Happily, the cat is adjusting well.