Challenge: community-building on the go

I’ve been wondering, how do you create/foster community when we are on the move so much? When we are so busy? This has been a real challenge for me. I have a few ideas now:

*make people feel safe and welcome in your presence

*hold people accountable, but resist judgements

*take time regularly to let people know that you love them. Love is a feeling of connection.

*Hug them, feed them, tell them what you’re thinking regularly

*let people know you’re there for them

*send notes, gifts

*make time for intimacy, share your fears

*with less time, we feel rushed to do activities with our time together, but we must take time to connect at the start, check-in

*create traditions, even if that’s nicknames, handshake, weekly call/meal

*stop activity if someone is feeling unloved. Not worth it. Check in. Keep trust accounts and transparency high.

Those who know me know my shortcomings in this area. Please help me put these into practice. Thank you!!