Car Labeling

While driving from work this afternoon, I was reminded of the queerness of some people. This car ahead of me had a yellow bumpersticker that read “My cat is the only one who understands me.”

Now, I can understand the sentiment, and I’d giggle if I saw it in a store, but why choose that statement to brand you and your car with? Do these people not realize that they are telling other people how to judge them?

I finally gave in and put my Montana State Alumni license plate frame on the Prius. I hesitated, for 2 reasons. One, if I were to make a bad traffic decision, the driver behind me would have an additional reason to curse me. I could have just been a bad woman driver, but now they know I’m a Montanan, so that gives Montanans a bad name. Also, car labeling makes you more identifiable, which could be a bad thing under the wrong circumstances. Now, instead of the woman driving the Prius, It’s the Prius with the Montana plates.

I guess there is just something to be said for a little anonymity. There are a lot of angry people in traffic, why give them ammunition or a clue of where to track you down later?

Just my paranoid thoughts of the night.

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17 years ago

License frames aren’t legal here because they supposedly obscure the plate. A few months ago put a Montana sticker on the back of my Jeep, partially because there’s been a few times that I’ve walked to the wrong Jeep thinking it is mine.