A Tired Virgin and "Normal"


I noticed a dirty plate in my room as I settled down at my computer for the evening. I had eaten hashbrown patties with ketchup earlier today, and lo-and-behold if I didn’t see an eyeball staring back at me from the plate tonight. I’m thinking it might be a tired version of the Virgin Mary (dark eye circles), and that maybe I should try to sell it on eBay.

Something else I’ve been pondering is what we humans consider normal in a person. I read a Scientific American editorial about autistic children, and the fact that they process information so much differently than we do. For example, they would show one a ball or something with a rounded shape, and ask them to associate a nonsense word with it…either call it a bouba or a kiki. They would routinely call it a kiki, when to most “normal” (non-autistic) people, “bouba” was the most frequently chosen sound.

But who’s to say we are right or better for thinking a certain way? I’m running into some strange people in this city…People you would not easily refer to as “normal.” Some go on and on about angels and growing wings out your back, feeling your energy fields, eating vegetarian or vegan diets to put humans on a path to a higher plane of existence, etc. I try to keep an open mind, but I can only stray so far from “normal,” accepted thinking. I know there is truth (& magic) that lie just ahead of what society has accepted as normal, so I keep my radar open for something that may become truth & normalcy in the future. For now, it’s just mystery & magic, and that keeps things fun and interesting around here.

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17 years ago

I am also fascinated by how the human brain works. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but on Discovery Channel, they had a show about “Brain Man”. This young Brittish man, Daniel Tammet, is a savant but does not exhibit the tendencies of most autistic savants. Very interesting. Check out this article.
Have a good one.