8. Why things don’t get done

My last post was on Day 5 this month, but it’s still stuck in my phone.

“Post failed to upload,” my WordPress app. Namecheap thought they fixed it – the fight between my app and my website. And now I don’t have time/energy to tell them it’s broken again.

I have to stop using that app

Or I’ll never blog again. It breaks all the time.

There’s been another reason blog posts don’t get done since my baby appeared: I like to write on my phone while in bed, but I can’t take my phone to bed anymore because I’ve had to wake up every 3-4 hours to make milk, and if I keep my phone with me I’ll shut off the alarm in my sleep. So the phone goes on a high cabinet on the other side of the room each night, so I have to get out of bed to stop my alarm. And while I’m out of bed, I can stay awake long enough to go pump milk.

This post is about the small things that get in your way: The buggy app, the phone on the other side of the room, a change in your necessary routines.

My husband’s birthday was today. That means I made extra efforts today, and in a life so full, extra efforts push other efforts out. Decorations instead of sleep. Shopping for cake ingredients and gifts instead of work. Baking cake and going out to dinner celebrating instead of working out. But I can blog while I pump milk, and sometimes I can work. Although I should be doing something more relaxing instead. Better for the milk to flow.