4. The local mailmen (an observation!)

Yesterday, I saw the mailman for the neighborhood next to ours while I was out strolling with the baby and exploring. He looked just like our mailman, in that he had a slight build, long hair AND a long beard, and avoided eye contact. I reasoned there must be two types of individuals that choose a career in delivering mail: (1) the stereotypical social, like to see the neighborhood and chat with the neighbors every day (you know, like the joke about the kid’s father actually being the mailman), and (2) the anti-social person who enjoys working in quiet and isolation.

I bought a cute little sticker from a Facebook Marketplace vendor that you can put inside your mailbox to thank your mailperson. I thought it might show our appreciation, even if we have little interaction. It has hearts and a mail truck and the words “Thank you!” One day, I was outside when our mailman approached and I gave a friendly wave just to show that my sticker was genuine. As half-expected, I got a painfully polite half wave that indicated my social connection was unnecessary. Type 2!