Yosemite Day 2

Yosemite 106

Yosemite Falls, 6/3/07 by CMC

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Today I hiked to the top of North America’s tallest waterfall: Yosemite Falls. I was very proud of my climb today (almost 8 miles round-trip, with hundreds of switchbacks) and thanked my grandma Ruth for the rock-climbing and hiking genes! Afterward, I rewarded myself with a plunge into the icy cold river below. I found the perfect spot to dive in, swam across the river, and back.

On strenuous hikes like this is when the city disappears. Almost everyone you meet or pass on the trail says hello and offers words of encouragement. None of the busy callousness and rudeness of city life, just people at their best, trying to reach a common goal, and helping each other through it.

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16 years ago

That is exactly my thoughts. Although I don’t live in a City per say, I always find people in nature are much more human than those caught in their busy lives. It is so nice to feel that people actually care.