What’s Going On

Keeping current projects afloat
-not much planning time, mostly action/adjusting

-back with a vengeance, feeling mentally active and time-limited, burning candles at both ends and sleeping when possible (8pm bedtimes, 2 hours sleep/6 hours/11 hours/naps)
-picking at hair when mind is holding more than 2 directions without action, thumb blistering/peeling, new friend on plane stopping me gently and shaking head like don’t do that
-hair growing out-reminded why it was easier for me to keep it pixie short, less of a distraction
-drank a lot two nights in a row (Mon/Tues), felt very helpful for mellowing out, very rare for me to use drugs that way but body too tired for yoga, not in habit of meditation

Instant Facebook/texting/emails becoming a distraction, losing time/focus for tasks; lost my phone one night and felt much calmer, decided to go out and just be present. Was nice. Might establish dead times throughout day where I can’t respond instantly to inputs.

Had a massage and walk Wednesday morning, really healing-feeling.

Exploring quite a few simultaneous romantic connections, all feels balanced somehow in intensity and connection with what everyone is offering each other. Many physical/love interests making an appearance back in my life within one week. Learning to have a full love plate and pondering the implications and responsibilities around that. Curious in observing how sustained stress affects the letting-go and experience of love-making/orgasm. Experimenting more with verbal communication.

Feeling saddened by physical limitations of others: Allergies, acute and chronic injuries, medications, can’t relate to any of that. Feeling like health is such a birthright and people aren’t spending enough time there. Feeling very healthy without effort.

Balance needed in my mental efforts/focus so that relaxation/calmness in the mind can be achieved without swinging between overdrive and lethargy.

Feeling very drawn toward astrology and writing. Still feeling very connected to the idea of networking, finding and growing relationships, getting my messages out into the world, staying positive and fruitful, learning and soaking up lessons from others. Feeling very curious and understanding.