Trying Too Hard

Yet again, I have learned the lesson that if I just RELAX a little bit the answers come much easier. I took a walk from my house on Thursday evening at the peak of my life-juggling paranoia and discovered an entire valley full of hiking trails, trees, and high cliffs, just 1 mile from my house. It was very relaxing and energizing to be out in Nature, to clear my mind, and just be focused on the present moment. Since Thursday when I was able to let go and relax, things have been falling into place pretty neatly, with much less stress on my shoulders.

Speaking of trying too hard, you must listen to these phone messages left by a man who met this girl in San Francisco. Some people really don’t get it!

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15 years ago

Oh my goodness!! I didn’t know if I should laugh histerically or feel profoundly sad for him. The vanity astonishes…