Trading Up

My FB post about fashion caused a mini-transformation today for me. I realized how confused my wardrobe was after talking with my roommate tonight. I just don't have a "coaching" wardrobe yet that suits my new lifestyle. The majority of my clothes are "office eccentric" if I had to describe them, and during the day I am rather confused about what to wear. I got organized tonight and lumped all my "coaching-appropriate" clothes together in one section of my "closet" so that I could more quickly pick something rational to wear on a daily basis. This also tells me what I am missing and I hope to fill in soon with some better coaching pants and jackets.

I was also really inspired by the documentary "Man on a Wire" tonight, to continue to work on my goal-planning daily. You could call this dream-building. Taking more time to visualize the life that I want and the steps I need to take to make it happen. More active, starting tomorrow!