Time for Spirituality, or at least Happiness

I’ve been reading some yogic texts regarding pursuing spirituality. Not many people in my culture today pursue spirituality as their full-time dedication, as so many in India and other cultures have traditionally done.

But I liked the point that you could spend 30 minutes a day pursuing that spirituality. And you could apply some concepts throughout the day that will aid you during those 30 minutes of contemplation or peace.

Things to avoid are overeating, over-exertion, talkativeness, rigidity to social or religious rules, and avoiding negative people, people with low morals or low aspirations, who gossip or talk a lot without thinking, or give in to every bodily or thought impulse indiscriminately.

Things to practice are enthusiasm, perseverance, discrimination, unshakable faith, courage, study of spiritual books, purity, contentment, and living a simple life, the fewer material objects that you are attached to, the better.

These things help you to maintain your peace & happiness, and help to prepare your mind for higher states of consciousness, where you are no longer a slave to your thoughts & impulses. Where life’s ripples no longer shake you because you realize that your small, isolated pond in actuality has no boundaries and moves as part of a larger ocean.