Time Change

Talking to my right hand
The ankle makes a noise
Even though it’s me I’m still surprised
The joy of sober consciousness

Tunneling down on a spiral candy cane drill
I wonder how many mirrors will I see when I talk
As if the sanest thing to do is pretend like having a body and a brain is normal
Oh! The places you’ll go!

And wonder if everyone is just working through their own illusions
Or if they’re all really just yours
And forgetting to treat others how you’d want to be treated
Because the impulses are too strong

Maybe run to the end of the earth
And let the wind caress you in an air bath that smells like heaven
And see all the beautiful colors
And remind yourself of the power of your fantasies
And ask yourself if you’d like to spend your whole life wrestling your demons,
Or worse,
Someone else’s

And realize that you got exactly what you asked for
And if it’s not enough
Then you ask for more
Or decide on a new strategy

And don’t forget energetic shifts
Imagining who you want to be
Who you want more of
What qualities are you done with?
Inviting the new reality to surround you so you can act within its parameters

But, like the virgin who waited for her wedding night
It all comes so suddenly
Nobody likes to adapt quickly
Now you’ve lost your identity