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I went off on a Facebook rant tonight, thought it probably more appropriately belonged here!

‎Marriage & Collective Values
When was the last time the government seriously thought about marriage’s contribution to our society beyond informing a tax code? Each presidential administration (or Congress collectively?) should be required to contribute to an evolving, publicly available manifesto on American values, rights and responsibilities. An American mission statement perhaps? Something more fluid and reflective of current times than the Constitution. Like a guiding vision for the state of the union address perhaps? How does America feel about marriage? What do we want to do about the institution? Better to let it run its course organically or has it failed to the point that we need to take collective action? All these thoughts coming from someone who is surrounded by people in happy marriages. Hmmmm….This is such a great country, an experiment in freedom. I just want it to be as awesome as possible in every way. I am troubled by a lot of ways in which our collective values are being eroded.

Monopolies and American Apathy and Destitution
History seems to be repeating itself. Monopolies have evolved into something less local and more pervasive and potentially destructive. Now we have the Big 5 oil companies, the Big 5 banks, the Big 5 phone/internet companies, the Big 5 grocery stores, the Big 5 retail outlets, home improvement stores, etc. etc. Our strength as a species comes from individuals contributing all their effort and energy. Very few people (CEOs) actually get to exert their full effort and energy in consolidated systems such as these. I believe all businesses ought to be limited to 150 employees, the max size of most hunter-gatherer groups. Everyone contributes, no one gets left behind.

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13 years ago

Big 5 Fast Food Chains, Big 5 Meat Producers, Big 5 Automakers, Big 5 Fitness Studios, Big 5 Coffee Shops, ug…need I say more? All about branding something and becoming famous. And we wonder why kids feel like their lives are pointless.