The Penis is Dying Hard

This week Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show had a skit talking about men who send pictures of their penis to women’s cell phones when they first start seeing each other. Most unfortunately in the past year, this has happened to me. Twice. And they did not get another date. I like to refer to it as premature epictulation.

But I liked my housemate U’s take on this new trend: The era of the penis is coming to an end. And rather than lay down and take it, the penis is going out with a bang, popping up everywhere in a desperate attempt to be relevant (sorry, can’t really avoid the puns :-)).

George Carlin (a man, by the way, R.I.P.) had a great perspective on this issue:

” In fact, I happen to agree with most of the feminist philosophy I have read. I agree for instance, that for the most part, men are vain, ignorant, greedy, brutal assholes who’ve just about ruined this planet…who’ve just about ruined this planet because they’re afraid someone might have a bigger dick out there somewhere. Men are basically insecure about the size of their dicks and so they go to war over it. You don’t have to be a political scientist or a history major to see the bigger dick foreign policy theory at work. It goes something like this…”What??? They have bigger dicks? Bomb them!!!” And of course the bombs and the bullets and the rockets are all shaped like dicks. I don’t understand that part of it, but it is part of the equation. So I agree with that abstract. That man… men…males have pushed the technology that just about has this planet in a stranglehold. Mother Earth raped again, guess who?…”Hey, she was asking for it!” ”

~From Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics CD

Apparently the Mayans predicted the dying of the overly masculine energy long ago. I heard that this current  Mayan long count (144,000 day cycle) was a masculine one, coming to a close next December, 2012. It will be followed next not by a feminine cycle, but by a cycle of harmony and balance between the sexes. My hope is that this is an energy more catering to the feminine tendencies toward communication and gentleness as we relate to each other around the world. The world is getting smaller, via the interconnectedness we are experiencing , not only with the internet, but by how our economies are also intertwined. In order to survive, we will need not brute force but skills in understanding and finding common ground.

You can already see a shift beginning with the election of Barack Obama. Remember how controversial it was when he proposed negotiating with countries that disagree with us? This was deemed a “weakness” by some, who want a commander-in-chief to always appear “tough.” This is old thinking. This is showing your penis before figuring out what the other side really wants and needs :)

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12 years ago


Lee Most
Lee Most
12 years ago

YouTube keeps people alive. Here’s a link to George Carlin’s full routine:

I don’t believe in ancient mysteries or astrology but someone once tried to explain the “dawning of the age of Aquarius” to me as the end of secrecy and the beginning of open communication, and to expect a lot of conflict as the secret-keepers fought everyone else in the world who wanted openness as they tried to hold onto their power.

I thought that would go well with what you said, so I just looked it up on Wikipedia and none of the many astrologers quoted said anything of the sort.

That would have amused George Carlin.