The Little Things – Journaling and Allergy

I put my project manager hat back on today for my new consulting gig, and came across something I did at Chevron that I had forgotten about: Daily Journals. Every day, I would take the time to summarize the day’s activities. We had an internal calendar, so this was a duplication+expansion of that.

This is something that has been sorely missing from my “professional life” the past few years. I got as far as making excel task sheets for my various ventures, but not the simple act of daily journaling/reflection, which is probably more important in the long run, as it informs the tasks and makes you take stock on a more regular basis, giving you opportunity to learn and adapt.

I also took another 3 hour nap today, as I did on Sunday. Since my trip to Turlock, I started experiencing what I think others would call “allergies”, where my throat and nose close up so that I can’t take in a full breath. I wonder if it’s because we took a side route through almond orchard country between manteca and ripon, and I got a ton of pesticide/ag chemical exposure due to having the AC on full blast for the heat last week. Anyway, I did not enjoy the feeling of not being able to breathe. Not one bit. Our athletic trainer’s eyes were red and watery the whole trip too. I am feeling much better now that I’m back in Berkeley, and I find that eliminating gluten, lactose, and caffeine seems to make it get better, and makes me feel more healthy (I started to store more fat over the weekend as well).