The First Lady

Maybe one day we will look back
And see that this was when the feminine
That we got our first female President
In 2016

Not like we wished for…
Fierce, wise, brave, fit, gorgeous
More like a nascent caricature of a woman
As if you’d heard of one but never met one
And were scared to death of them

Constantly moved by untamable emotions
Erratic, controlling, moody
Soft-bodied, so low on testosterone the skin glows
The teeth rot
Honesty an afterthought, words draw attention, and that’s enough
Reveling in competition between women

Gilding oneself in jewels and precious metals
Hoping to catch the light
Turn heads
Draw them all in, pocketbooks wide
Kissing your feet

She’s not fit for war
Too much money to be collected
Wars are expensive
Bowing at the altar of the goddess
The still mysterious feminine
Unworthy of our worship
Too soon to be understood