The Blogosphere

The other night on the Colbert Report a guest was complaining about all the bloggers out there putting out information with no expertise or credentials to back up the information. To me, it parallels that fact that people are using the internet like a community; a post to a blog would be like making the same statement with your family & friends sitting around you in your living room. There is certainly a time and a place for journalism and national media, but the internet has spawned the growth of the “community.” Not every opinion on a blog is valid, reasonable, or logical, but that is the reality the living room conversation. I think it is appropriate to see what are the communities saying, versus what the “experts” are saying. Isn’t that what happens in our everyday lives anyway? We talk among ourselves and, in doing so, forge relationships, strengthen our opinions, and refine our views. Then we turn on the news & hope to get the “rest of the story.”

Nothing wrong with that!