Telephone Support & the DMV

Telephone support & the DMV are nice microcosms for what is wrong with huge organizations. The latest inefficient annoyance is the fake human on the phone that you can ‘speak’ your responses to. A real person would actually be the best interpretor for that information transfer, but real people cost too much. I’m waiting for the commercial where some people are sitting down to dinner and and the waitor starts talking about the menu and he is interrupted with a response before he is finished by someone too used to these phone systems.
But it’s not just the fake person, corporations have managed to make idiotic robots out of the real people by giving them scripts for things someone of an average intelligence wouldn’t need a script for. You actually have to interrupt the real people too when they keep reading a script that has nothing to do with your reason for calling. Aaaargh!

Maybe there should be a size limit on corporations and governments. No more than 1000 employees. Tops. KISS.