Soldiers of Peace (31/1000)

Misery was my steady companion
It missed me
So it jumped on my back
Seducing me
With its heavy blanket
Started whispering in my ear
Warping my thoughts
And twisting his words
I was finally happy
But it would have nothing of it
Sad felt grounding…
So I sank with it
Down just one step
Then two, then three
And soon found myself
Covered in despair
Thinking thoughts that felt foreign,
Petty, senseless, and desperate
So thank God for a friend
Who went there with me
And listened to my bewildered musings
Until the truth came to light
Of the load I was under
That I had put on myself
To wrongly feel good
So I threw off my misery
For the second time this year
And felt happy and free
And hopeful again
Now I see
More clearly
That normal is different
I must be vigilant
And guard my new happiness
With every soldier of peace that I’ve got