Sold Your Soul

Now that you’ve sold your soul,
It’s an eye for an eye.
Everything that can go wrong,
Will go wrong.

Now that you needed the devil’s
Easy way out,
You must endure his
Nasty tricks,

Twisted promises,
And outright lies.
A fructose-sweet smile at first
Concealed her forked tongue.

Now that the contract is signed in blood
And your debts are paid,
You can’t turn back,
Even though

The walls begin to reek of sulfur,
The horns come out all around,
And your feet begin to burn,
But there is nowhere to run.

Like a puppet in the hands of Fate,
You are no longer in control.
It’s not long before you don’t recognize
Yourself by your actions.

You’ll lay your firstborn on the altar
And drive the stake
All the way through.
But the games have just begun.

And the devil is laughing
A wicked laugh behind your back,
While you wonder how much more
You’ll have to endure…

An infinity? You didn’t even read the contract.