Am I ever quiet anymore?
Does quiet feel like dumb?
How do I charge for the time I allow space to grow between my thoughts?

When am I working and when am I playing?
And which is more valuable,
And when?

You have to have the intelligence to understand
That the time I spend away from you
Benefits you as much as the time I spend with you

In that time away, I build stability in my supporting relationships
I create experiences to share with you
I gather insights and make improvements

It all benefits you

Even in the silence
The space between my thoughts

The infinity between my thoughts–
Where the essence of you burns
Like a pilot light

It’s where you exist
It’s where you take on the most importance
Where you are strongest
And most vulnerable

It’s where everything I care about lives
My dreams, hopes, desires, regrets, and unfinished business

The silence is the dark, deep, still pool
Where everything I value vies for my attention
It’s the material from which my stories are born
The essences of millions of interactions
Which define who I am
And who I am becoming

In the silence, I find you
In silence, we are one