Sideways Whispers

Too jacked up tonight

I’ve been feeding my dreams
And listening for my demons
The sideways whispers
That sound familiar,
Like a mother’s comforting
There, there
Don’t you go wrapping your heart around things that might make you cry if you don’t get them

I hear that garbage when you speak
And I want to steal it from the air
Before it reaches anyone else’s ears
Years wasted in: I can’t
Years wasted in: I’m small
Years wasted in: What would *they* think?
After all, dreams that come true are just guilty lucky accidents, right?

Who dares to grow when no one is applauding the millimeters?

Who dares to travel somewhere alone, no map, expecting wrong turns?

Might as well just hang out with all your friends in Miserytown.
Keep reading that yearbook: Don’t ever change!