Seeing Red (to gather more signatures for a good cause)

Time for a new experiment! I’m on a team trying to get AB1648 passed in CA, the CA DISCLOSE ACT, which basically forces (shady) political ads to disclose who ACTUALLY funded the advertisement.

So I had this idea that if I’m going to help collect signatures, I could use SCIENCE to help us maximize our effectiveness. Up until now, the campaign has been wearing GREEN shirts when gathering signatures. My hypothesis is that wearing RED shirts will get us more signatures. What do you think?

Funny, as I gave the opposite advice to the SAVE the RAVE committee when we were preparing to appear at City Hall to speak as a group. I suppose I didn’t want the ravers to come off as aggressive people, as we were trying to plead the case that electronic dance music wasn’t a threat to youth nor law enforcement. I think it worked for us not to wear red in that case!

Red helps you stand out:

Men are friendlier to women who wear red:

Women are more attracted to men who wear red:

Red intimidates your competition or at least puts the judges in your favor:

Results to come Sunday afternoon!

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