Rev. Wright

My take on Obama and his Reverend’s recent comments:
It goes back to the outspoken uncle syndrome. I think Rev. Wright is probably proud of Obama’s success, and like an uncle, thinks that he will now have a voice in Washington because of his close relationship with Obama.

It’s like when I first joined Chevron as an engineer, both of my favorite uncles kept asking when they were going to get their free gas cards. I love them both and find them very amusing, but if others assumed I shared all of their opinions, it would strike me as ridiculous. True, they are not my spiritual advisors, but jeez, give Obama a break. Find me one pastor of a large church in this country who does not make controversial comments.

Or, talk about the real issue which is that Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America, whether the pastors are bashing gays, promoting sodomy with minors, marriage of children or polygamy, or lamenting injustices to people of their culture.

Are we really prepared to insist that we want a president who belongs to a ‘National’ church? Some mystical, non-existant church which offends no one and accepts everyone? Or would we rather have a president who does not belong to any church?

I thought the design and the beauty of America was in the freedom to practice any religion we wanted, as long as church and state remained separated. I guess all these Fundamentalist politicians have ruined American trust in this kind of separation with their constant assertions that they cannot possibly separate their faith from their job. Way to go. Way to ruin American politics with your simple-minded pandering.

I think our founding fathers were much more bright than that, realizing that of course a person is the sum of his experiences, but that a real leader would take into account the best interests of the Nation over any single religious creed. Obama has not promised to make his church’s creeds America’s, in fact with his constitutional education and teaching credentials, it would be shocking to see him easily swayed by any local church’s opinions.