Returning to the Core

I thought all my problems would be solved up there
If I just juggled and puzzled and tetrised long enough
As if life were a series of math questions
I’d eventually rule out enough variables
As long as I didn’t give up
Or run out of time on the test
Or get too wrapped up to think straight
Meanwhile the world stopped making sense
And I would trip and stumble and bump into people
Then, boom
The silence of the heart’s wisdom
Drowns out the noise
Feels so much like nothing
It’s easy to write it off
As progress delayed
Going off the grid
But there’s information there
People around you come alive
An awakening ensues
The world tells you what to do
The heart only feels
It doesn’t ask for your rationale
It comes on strong
Like light flooding dark
It’s always there
Behind the curtain of your thoughts
Waiting to be remembered
Ready to change your life