Resolutions 2010

I reviewed last year’s resolutions and updated a new list for this year. I’ve found it useful to make one long list of everything you want your life to look like, then break it into manageable chunks like those below. You may not do them all, but this list has helped me make major changes year-to-year. I hang it in a place I can see it daily (work, home, and computer desktop).
  • Read 1 new book per month
  • Plan business paperwork time & monthly analysis time
  • Monthly conference calls & outings 6 per year with tenants
  • Monthly massage
  • Save money & not take it out of savings
  • Meet up with local friend once per month
  • Talk with distant friend once per month
  • One yoga class per month

  • Swim one day per week minimum
  • Lift weights 2-3x/week
  • Go grocery shopping regularly every week
  • Volunteer 2 hours/week
  • Do laundry regularly
  • Massage or teach yoga to someone

  • Hatha yoga & meditate (or read spiritual texts) twice daily
  • Prepare meals for next day in advance
  • Eat salad 3x/week minimum
  • Get up 2 hours before I have to leave the house
  • 1 hour of exercise
  • Minimum one blog entry daily – personal
  • Minimum one blog entry daily – coaching
  • Daily vitamins
Annual (within 2010):
  • Learn to do a back handspring
  • Continue formal education in track & field, yoga, and massage by taking at least 1 workshop of each
  • Become certified in personal training & CPR
  • Sign up for a college class or study Chinese regularly
  • Keep hair looking nice
  • Go to 4 concerts minimum
  • Take surf lesson
  • Visit Bozeman
  • Visit Mom & Dad
  • Visit Ryan
  • Visit NYC or travel internationally
  • Join & go to church regularly
Qualities I wish to embody:
  • Respond, not react