This picture shows a portion of a beautiful scene coming back from Los Angeles on the I-5 tonight. My athlete C and I had a great conversation on the way back that ranged from nutrition to God, which gave me a chance to spout my latest God-Human theories using the Sun and its rays of light as an analogy.
What a great weekend! I feel that as a team, we are learning and growing exponentially (which was pretty much predicted astrologically given all the Aries energy abounding this year). It is a fun time to communicate deeply with each other what we are all about, and to challenge each other to rise to the highest versions of ourselves that we can imagine.
I’m thinking about some data mining ideas for the internet…something that tracks global sentiments, via keywords found in blogs, news stories, etc. to mine for fear and its root causes. I feel that as a species we could really get over things much more quickly if we could harness the power of the internet to help us identify and resolve actual issues. Public discourse can take place with so many people at once now; it should be very easy to distill this into a democratic process by which perhaps we can begin to govern ourselves remotely, without a central government.