Rain on Me

One rainy night
I got caught.
One can get away
With habits of haste
And complacency
As long as conditions are perfect.

But on a rainy night
You might slip in your haste
And break the delicate glass
That held your dreams.
The shards will cut deep
Into your hand
And force you to start
All over again.

On that rainy night
Those that drink from your cup
Will miserate in the cold
And wonder what you are doing.
‘Why must we wait outside?
We should walk away.’
They can’t see you or hear your
Sighs of regret
Through the dark, pounding rain.

On a sunny day
You get the benefit of doubt.
You don’t have to be perfect
When they’re are all having fun.
You can cut a few corners
And no one will care
Until it rains.