I'm feeling quite unsettled tonight. I am putting on a big massage event, and keeping recycling in my head about what I'm doing with my life. Every 3-4 years I get a big itch to move on, and it is suddenly hitting me again. This is the time of year I quit working at Chevron 4 years ago.

My exit strategy is not clear. I'd like to coach the season out, and possibly do another. I'm still feeling out how much time I can commit to my massage therapy business. I really need people running it who have more time to promote it than I do. There is so much team stuff and social networking stuff that can be done with it that I simply do not have time or energy to organize. I would love to have a successor that I could advise, someone who is super-passionate about what they are providing to the community and can promote it full-time.

It's time for some deep thinking, maybe this weekend. I'm also recycling my dating ideas currently. Love, love, love the guy I've been seeing, but feeling like I want to consume him more than he wants to be consumed, so I'm branching out in the love department. Probably should get my work shi# together first, but feeling like maybe a relationship could help me plot my next course of action. It's getting close to "family" time for me, biologically. Maybe it's not so bad if I start winding things down a bit on the work front and just work on being more fiscally responsible…Lord knows it's about time.

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