Paying for stolen goods

I just saw a homeless man pick flowers in the median, flowers planted by the city. He is going to sell them.

I bought a bouquet like that from a homeless person once, for a dollar. Now I know where they came from. If I had seen him pick them, I wouldn’t have bought them.

I guessed Obama would win the election. Someone bet me he wouldn’t. That was a bet I couldn’t lose so I took it. At the end, I gave him a chance to back out. No? Okay, then vote for Obama and you can keep your money. No? Now I have dirty money. And Obama got one less vote.

And then I realized about everything we buy is stolen. The game is to lay claim to everything of "value." Then you can sell it. We even sell ideas. We even sell music. Things that are part of the collective unconscious.

Do you really think your wealth is all product of your hard work or talent? Fifty percent at best. The rest is luck. Or to the businessman, opportunity.

I guess we buy and sell because we can’t share nicely. Until we learn to all share, some have to steal while the rest of us buy their stolen property.