Past Lives

Okay, this is the last straw. Oprah has credible doctors and psychologists on her show talking about their studies in hypnosis and past-life regression.

The idea of past lives doesn't fit my paradigms very well. My view of a random universe means that when you die, you scatter back into the infinite, atoms, quarks, and light energy. The likelihood of you reappearing ON EARTH, in another human body, soon after death, would be nearly impossible given a random reassembly of materials and expression of consciousness. You would more likely end up a piece of dark matter or something.

If indeed we do jump from human body to human body, than indeed the Hindus and the Christians and the Muslims are in agreement that the experience of conciousness IS Earth-centric. Taken a step further, our little life of 80 years would truly be nothing more than a learning phase of a larger conscious life.

Part of me wants to scream heathen foul-play. The other part of me is very intrigued. I may just have to pony up the money for a hypnosis session or five (or get back on my meditation plan) and prove it out myself.

Goodnight. God is Love. Rev Run.